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    IPP Background

    Printing is one of the major industries in Hong Kong manufacturing sector. There were a large number of printing industry participants, but the majority of them is not awarded recognized professional qualifications. To address this, the Education Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government established the Qualifications Framework in 2008. Printing and Publishing industry is one of the sectors which pioneers its implementation. The Qualifications Framework is a crosssectoral hierarchy covering both academic and vocational qualifications required by various industries, with well-defined standards of qualifications and clear indication of the articulation ladders between them. The Qualifications Framework enables industry participants to set clear goals and direction for obtaining quality-assured qualifications.

    With a view of the development of the Qualifications Framework, The Hong Kong Printers Association together with industry professionals have jointly founded the Institute of Print-Media Professionals (IPP) in 2005 to promote “continuous learning and professionalism”, to enhance member’s latest technological knowledge and ensure their professional competency.